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Our ts3 server now online.

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Address: evilweborgnization.miki-ts.eu


TeamSpeak 3

Rules are made to be respected, show us your respect by reading them!

  • Any Provokation , disrespect or insult will lead to instant Ban . 
  • Racist behaviours towards countries or languages are highly prohibited.
  • Spamming or annoying any user could get you on serious punishiments.
  • Playing Music / Talking with voice,  in private channels without the Founder permession could lead to kick / ban.
  • Distrubing Channels in any different ways will can get you a serious punishiment even if you are a staff member.
  • Revoking Talk Power without asking for permession in Music Channel could lead to a serious punishiments.
  • Access requests, grades on the TS3 server, is also prohibited. Members who are part of the conduct of the community will select and contact potential users who participate in the selection and development of the administrative team.
  • Advertising (Servers , communities or TS3 servers included) results with Ban.
  • Sharing privacy warez between users will be strictly punished.
  • Abusing with Servers Groups (CS:GO player , Girl , Dota2 player etc) from Staff members could lead to an instant remove. ( Max 1 Game Icon ). Exception clans area members!

Moderating the TS3 server category: TS.EVILWEB.CF, will be made by members with rank Global Moderators & Administrators and their decisions are unquestionable.


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  1. Request permanent channels

    u can request here for permenent channel.

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  2. Problems

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  3. Unban Request

    u have been banned in ts3..u can request unban here.

  4. Complaints

    here u can complaints about member's.

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