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  1. i back all to Designer and my friends . 

    Thanks u all .   

    1. BoGdaN.


      Welcome back!

    2. |)3V!L


      Welcome Back !!

    3. Wassim




  2. Conge for up man . 

  3. How my new style . 

    how my home .  


  4. Hahahs you


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    2. ✞ঔৣℑ₳ৡ℟ঔৣ✞
    3. Wassim
    4. Happy boy

      Happy boy

      This is not me man 

      Just respecet yoursalf and be good work here 

      And halp player and add player and i will send u my photo on your pm soon . 

      Good Luck

  5. We are waiting for your return Good luck 


  6. Conge wassim 

    Keep it up .

  7. welcome to taem gfx 

  8. very badly ((, For u!


    1. Happy boy

      Happy boy

      thanks my love <3  

  9. Gaza under shelling. pray for us :) :) 

    1. Wassim
    2. Dean


      god will help and protect u stay strong ?

    3. Happy boy

      Happy boy

      thanks u Dean . 

  10. I meen on this grade for others grade get it like gfx desginer if he want absent He can get grade absent .
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