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Our ts3 server now online.

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Address: evilweborgnization.miki-ts.eu




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  1. My Work in Ts3 is finish 🙂

  2. i have someting problems so i will be 2 or 3 week absent so add me Ex-Staff or other group overwatch i will back so pm u thx u and miss u my frind and my family evilweb

    1. BoGdaN.


      Hello Dear, we have section about absences, here!

      We, Will make model about that


  3. hJ4tRcJ.png


    1. TH3 GH0$T

      TH3 GH0$T

      give me an account if you can


    Eminem Legend ❤️ ?

  5. Rejected! We now don't need this grade,! Next time
  6. Adding @Rei™ to Moderators Adding @Wassim to Moderators Adding @-[ß]û'ℓŁṦỂӮέ-.* 乡 To Moderators Absent @Darkness from Moderators to Ex-Staff (Absent)
  7. i'm waiting your reply

  8. Server connection IP: We offer free admin access from Helper to Owner accepted admins will be in the 1 week trial period. You should read the server rules and strictly follow them. Ignorance of the ★RULES★ does not release you from responsibility Apply the below model filled with your information. Please read the notes before applying Model Nickname (will be the same as the Nickname of the forum account - no exceptions): ¤ Age: your Country (Location): Experience in administration: Can you watch at night (Yes/no): ¤ can you be online between these hours? (2: 00 am to 12: 00 PM) : ¤ The reason you want to be an administrator in ZMOLDSCHOOL: ¤ Other information: Notes: - Ability to speak english or understand it at least. - You dont need to worry about hours in the server to apply for Admin. - We have the right to accept or reject your request without any explination. - If you had been accepted, you should be active in the server/Forum and follow the -★ Rules Server★
  9. BoGdaN.

    Happy new year

    I hope, a have well year
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