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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Enjoy on your computer the exhaustive functions and features of the best graphic editor and photo retouching tool: Adobe Photoshop For years, talking about retouching or modifying an image on our computer is synonymous with Photoshop. Anyone who works with photographs, graphics or images on a professional level uses this software developed by Adobe on a daily basis, and even many home users who want to improve the appearance of their photos or selfies use this tool. In fact, it has practically become a standard: no matter what image editor we use, we are photoshopeing. Surely there are simpler programs in the market to carry out more basic editions, so it is not a software that we would advise everyone. But if you have advanced knowledge of photo editing and retouching, this is the most complete alternative that can be found in the market. Essential if you dedicate yourself professionally to the world of graphic design. Integrated within the Adobe Creative Cloud package that includes other graphic design tools, video editing, web design and cloud services, such as Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, After Effects and Premiere, it is a cross-platform software, available for both Windows like Mac, in addition to having a Portable version to carry everywhere and an Express edition to use from your mobile. Why use Photoshop? It is worth that this program is used for virtually any activity related to the world of illustration, graphic design, web design or professional photo retouching. But people like you and me can also use it for more mundane things. You will always look handsome in all your photos. What do you want to eliminate that imperfection of the skin or that pimple in your wedding photo? What shame the yellowing of your teeth in another photo and want to whiten them? That a guy who does not paint anything in a romantic photo appears and you want to delete it? The desktop client of this image editor has a solution for all that and more. The tools available in the editor par excellence This is a raster graphics editing program that works through layers and has endless tools with which we can do everything mentioned above, in addition to many more professional operations, not only affecting images, but also videos and audios. Among those utilities we find tools for selection, clipping, editing, painting, drawing and text, so we can do things like the following: Recorte imágenes y bordes suaves. Cree máscaras de capa, vector o recorte con las herramientas de selección. Cambiar el tamaño de las imágenes con escala de resolución inteligente. Aplique infinitos efectos de enfoque, desenfoque, pixelización, estilizado, distorsionado, etc. Utilice los filtros predeterminados de la galería: espátula, esponja, agrietada, plastificada, etc. Estabilizar imágenes de la cámara. Vectorizar imágenes Encuentre imágenes de repositorio en Adobe Stock. Eliminar fondos y eliminar objetos de fotografías. Crea composiciones fotográficas como collages o fotomontajes. ¿Qué hay de nuevo en la última versión? Mejoras preestablecidas. Nueva herramienta de selección. Nueva rueda de colores. La interfaz de inicio se renueva.
  2. 1. Nick: ✘ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ[Ƚ]єxмαⓃ™ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ✘ 2. Age: 15 3. Your Country: #Venezuela 4. Why you need Overwatch: Because I want to belong to this team 5. Steam or Facebook Profile link: Nop Sorry 6. Link your acitivity in Resources Counter - Strike 1.6: 7. You Acitivity on TeamSpeak 3: Sorry 8. Other Information: Nop
  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    csws_whitedeath-amxx.7z About This File "The Mosin-Nagant is a simple rifle that does the job for you: To kill your enemies. It's accuracy is legendary but its slow firing rate makes it more suitable in long ranges than in close-range battles." DESCRIPTION : Adds the Mosin-Nagant to CS 1.6 as a sniper rifle without a scope nor crosshair but has 100% accuracy and is exclusive to the Terrorists. Unlike the AWP-NS, it reloads one round at a time, like a regular CS shotgun, and cannot penetrate through shields. FEATURES: No scope nor crosshair 100% accuracy Powerful damage thru walls Special shotgun-style reload Reload does not resume after firing or re-deployment Prices ammo ($2) per round, not by bundle. WEAPON STATS: Price: $3700 Damage: 100 Rate of Fire: Very Slow Recoil: High Magazine Capacity: 5/10 Movement Speed: 230 Reload Time: 3 seconds Team: Terrorists Base Weapon: Scout System Name: whitedeath Chance of BOTS Buying: 0% PREREQUISITES: CS 1.6 with AMXmodX 1.8.2 or later installed properly. Know-how on installing plugins. REQUIRED MODULES: amxmodx | cstrike | engine | fakemeta | fun | hamsandwich CONSOLE COMMANDS: whitedeath - command for buying the weapon. repurchase - A version of rebuy that includes the weapon. Will still work for any other weapon. INSTALLATION: Extract contents, then copy-paste the 'cstrike' folder over your 'cstrike folder' Open scripts.txt and follow the instructions there. Play csws_whitedeath-amxx/ cstrike/ addons/ amxmodx/ plugins/ csws/ csws_whitedeath.amxx models/ csws/ whitedeath/ p_nagant.mdl v_nagant.mdl w_nagant.mdl sound/ weapons/ csws/ whitedeath/ nagant-1.wav nagant-2.wav nagant_boltback.wav nagant_boltdown.wav nagant_boltforward.wav nagant_boltup.wav nagant_draw.wav nagant_insert.wav sprites/ csws_02.spr gunsmoke.spr weapon_nagant.txt csws_whitedeath.sma csws_whitedeath.sma.bak menu (optional)/ cstrike/ classes/ nagant.res gfx/ vgui/ nagant.tga resource/ UI/ BuyRifles_CT.res BuyRifles_TER.res readme.txt scripts.txt
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Base_Builder_Mod_-_GenerationCS.com.rar [EN] Humans must build bases or shelters where to protect themselves from zombie attack, for this they have some time. During this period the zombies cannot leave their base since a barrier blocks them. Once the barrier is opened, zombies must try to approach and kill humans. Commands: + grab = Grab the objects (Use: "bind e + grab" / guns = Open the weapons menu (Cts can change the weapon at construction time) / respawn = To make respawn being Zombie / fixspawn = Respawns for surviving cts under construction / help = Show the help HUD / rules = Show the rules HUD / round = Shows the current round (eg Round 3 of 4) Cvars: bb_buildtime "150" - Construction time bb_preptime "30" - Preparation time (0 deactivates) bb_zombie_respawn_delay "3" - Time to revive the zombies (in seconds) bb_infection_respawn "5" - bb_showmovers "1" - Show who last moved a block bb_lockblocks "1" - Block blocking, see blocked blocks bb_lockmax "10" - Maximum lock bb_colormode "1" - Menu color mode, one color per player, random bb_max_move_dist "768" - bb_min_move_dist "32" - bb_min_dist_set "64" - bb_resetblocks "1" - Restart blocks at the beginning of rounds. bb_zombie_supercut "0" - Kill zombies with one shot. bb_gunsmenu "1" - Use the Base Builder weapons menu. Maps: Add a couple of maps to have it already complete. bb_basement6 bb_classic11 bb_corners7 bb_crete3 bb_divided3 bb_frozen bb_incline3 bb_infection2 bb_lockout bb_megabuild4 bb_retribution5 bb_rooshin bb_separation6 bb_septic4 bb_ultrabuild4 [RO] descriere: Oamenii trebuie să construiască baze sau adăposturi unde să se protejeze de atacul zombie, pentru asta au ceva timp. În această perioadă, zombii nu își pot părăsi baza, deoarece o barieră îi blochează. Odată ce bariera este deschisă, zombii trebuie să încerce să se apropie și să ucidă oamenii. comenzi: + grab = Prinde obiectele (Folosește: „bind e + grab” / guns = Deschide meniul armelor (Cts poate schimba arma în timpul construcției) / respawn = A face respawn fiind zombie / fixspawn = Respawns pentru supraviețuirea cts în curs de construcție / help = Afișați ajutorul HUD / rules = Arată regulile HUD / round = Afișează runda curentă (de ex. runda 3 din 4) CVAR: bb_buildtime "150" - Timp de construcție bb_preptime "30" - Timp de pregătire (0 dezactivează) bb_zombie_respawn_delay "3" - Timp pentru a reînvia zombii (în câteva secunde) bb_infection_respawn "5" - bb_showmovers "1" - Arată cine a mutat ultima oară un bloc bb_lockblocks "1" - Blocare blocare, vezi blocaje blocate bb_lockmax "10" - Blocare maximă bb_colormode "1" - Modul de culoare al meniului, o culoare pe jucător, la întâmplare bb_max_move_dist "768" - bb_min_move_dist "32" - bb_min_dist_set "64" - bb_resetblocks "1" - Reporniți blocurile la începutul rundei. bb_zombie_supercut "0" - Ucide zombii cu o singură lovitură. bb_gunsmenu "1" - Utilizați meniul pentru armele Base Builder. Hărți: Adăugați câteva hărți pentru a fi deja completate. bb_basement6 bb_classic11 bb_corners7 bb_crete3 bb_divided3 bb_frozen bb_incline3 bb_infection2 bb_lockout bb_megabuild4 bb_retribution5 bb_rooshin bb_separation6 bb_septic4 bb_ultrabuild4 Description:
  5. Version 1.0.0

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    csgo_weapons-amxx_v1-4-3.7z.rar About This File I've encountered some people having problems with updating the weapons and that updating them one at a time was a chore. I agree. So I collected all the weapons in one neat little package, ready to just be dropped over your cstrike folder, and put it up here for download.
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