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I have many problem in our teamspeaK3 Server as soon will fixed

July July


July July

I think you wait too much, today is the "Global Meeting" of Year 2020 for EvilWeb

It's on the teamspeak server, who didn't come from the staff will be removed/suspended. 

HellFir3 HellFir3

guys you need to make some activ in our teamspeak 3 server IP : ts.evilweb.cf.miki-ts.eu  /

July July
  1. a message to all users of this forum if you want to get a grade or upgrade on our forum,
  2. you need use servers teamspeak for get anything in forum,,
  3. you be will now say why we need to because, we are need know who is have very activity in teamspeak,
  4. and because we are adding updates on the forum, and we are adding competitions

I hope all our forum users join to our server teamspeak

Founder Of EvilWeb @BoGdaN.


Hello, Everyone
Guys, We've need money for update domain and more updates, if you want donation to us, talk BoGdaN or Server Guardian, And Thank You for helping our us, And You will Get Reward's

Team Administration

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Connect To Teamspeak3 Server IP : ts.evilweb.cf.miki-ts.eu  / 

July July

Howdy Guest, we are recruiting new gfx designers to work in our team, do you like that?

do an apply now! 


We need experienced staff!



HellFir3 HellFir3


July July



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  7. Welcome to our community EVILWEB.CF I hope you have fun with us GL.🙂

  8. I already read ur mesg make some activ then we will give u global u have 1week if u dont do this removed

  9. Thanks July for changing my nameGreat Job Reaction GIF

  10. hello please Read the Rules Always in the title it has to say [Turorial] Simpre or your video will be Hidden you have 24 hours to do it or I'll be forced to Hide it 

    @RiderZ Friend that happened with you You are not following the rules As I said to daniela Simpre in the Title she has to say [Tuturial] as I am doing it😒😶

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