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I have many problem in our teamspeaK3 Server as soon will fixed

July July


July July

I think you wait too much, today is the "Global Meeting" of Year 2020 for EvilWeb

It's on the teamspeak server, who didn't come from the staff will be removed/suspended. 

HellFir3 HellFir3

guys you need to make some activ in our teamspeak 3 server IP : ts.evilweb.cf.miki-ts.eu  /

July July
  1. a message to all users of this forum if you want to get a grade or upgrade on our forum,
  2. you need use servers teamspeak for get anything in forum,,
  3. you be will now say why we need to because, we are need know who is have very activity in teamspeak,
  4. and because we are adding updates on the forum, and we are adding competitions

I hope all our forum users join to our server teamspeak

Founder Of EvilWeb @BoGdaN.


Hello, Everyone
Guys, We've need money for update domain and more updates, if you want donation to us, talk BoGdaN or Server Guardian, And Thank You for helping our us, And You will Get Reward's

Team Administration

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Connect To Teamspeak3 Server IP : ts.evilweb.cf.miki-ts.eu  / 

July July

Howdy Guest, we are recruiting new gfx designers to work in our team, do you like that?

do an apply now! 


We need experienced staff!



HellFir3 HellFir3


July July



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  1. EmpireGaminG * SEARCHING FOR GOOD ADMINS / STAFF TO STAY ACTIVE AT NIGHT AND MORNING! We are offering admins access Admin to Full admin , for who are interested and want to join EmpireGaminG .Please apply the below model filled with your information. Please read the notes before applying. ★ Nickname(must be the same on forum and server): ★ Skype/Steam: ★ Age: ★ Your Country: ★ Admin experience: ★ You can donate?: ★ Can you spectate in night [Yes/No]: ★ Why you want to be admin in EmpireGaminG: ★ Other information: Rules To Be Accepted: Read RULES + Respect/Follow Them You must speak English Clearly no issue on it You should be daily active In the Server at least 3 hours per day & spectate in night You Should Be Active On TeamSpeak3 Also If U Can DONT SPAM ME WITH THE FTP ACCES!
  2. Howdy, guys I will open server BaseBuilder and I hope all come play, the server currently now is classic
  3. Rejected. Learn more about photoshop, you cannot work on 1 section only. T/C.
  4. but I didn't agree to be intact like other forums, It's will be part 2 of the forum we steal from it, we are another community and we will do our private works on our community
  5. Yea, I was want to make it but I don't have this access so i can't do.
  6. hey why did you give me that warning just for using photos from your gallery that has nothing to do if you don't want anyone to use your photos then delete them and nobody uses it don't do it don't do that to give meaningless warnings brother are you crazy

    @BoGdaN. @Server Guardian why i'm warnings

    1. HellFir3


      if you say i am crazy again you'll be punished

    2. Server Guardian

      Server Guardian

      Hellfire pm me argent

  7. Do you want to make me angry?

    Why edit my post in downgrade/promotioning

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    2. HellFir3




      I don't want any problems here.

    3. BoGdaN.


      You erased my subjects and you are now saying what the problem is?

    4. BoGdaN.


      Now I am telling you not to return it, and if you want to add something to it, do not delete old topics it

  8. hhh1.gif

    Nice it could be that you can put it in my profile is that my gallery of the seal does not receive it

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    2. 『LM』•『CrͥūmͣpͫҜiŇ』╰‿╯


      but you can design it for me with my name☺

    3. HellFir3


      I have work 

    4. HellFir3


      I'll do later in Gifts section

  9. Con gratulation administrador

    1. HellFir3


      I am old member here, but i accept that.

      Thank you.

    2. 『LM』•『CrͥūmͣpͫҜiŇ』╰‿╯


      but I am the same and I am active and I do not have a blogger moderator

  10. I advice all members to read rules of every category to not be punished, and make the needed from the request you want to make HELLFIR3 @ EVILWEB
  11. Howdy, I am really surprised from the work you did when i was on absent, I keep that work up, and may be we will be the best in the world with more work!| Thank to administration team! HELLFIR3 @ EVILWEB
  12. Pro, we will improve the promoting with this medals
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