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I have many problem in our teamspeaK3 Server as soon will fixed

July July


July July

I think you wait too much, today is the "Global Meeting" of Year 2020 for EvilWeb

It's on the teamspeak server, who didn't come from the staff will be removed/suspended. 

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guys you need to make some activ in our teamspeak 3 server IP : ts.evilweb.cf.miki-ts.eu  /

July July
  1. a message to all users of this forum if you want to get a grade or upgrade on our forum,
  2. you need use servers teamspeak for get anything in forum,,
  3. you be will now say why we need to because, we are need know who is have very activity in teamspeak,
  4. and because we are adding updates on the forum, and we are adding competitions

I hope all our forum users join to our server teamspeak

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Hello, Everyone
Guys, We've need money for update domain and more updates, if you want donation to us, talk BoGdaN or Server Guardian, And Thank You for helping our us, And You will Get Reward's

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Howdy Guest, we are recruiting new gfx designers to work in our team, do you like that?

do an apply now! 


We need experienced staff!



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[Review] Combat Arms

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  • Combat_Arms_cover.jpg

    Combat Arms is a game of multiplayer first person shooter developed in South Korea by Doobic Studios, and published by Nexon.


    The closed beta was released on May 29, 2008, exclusively through nexon and lasted a week. It ended on June 6. This beta was limited to users in North America, South America and Oceania. In this beta were about 4 maps and 30 weapons available. On June 26 Combat Arms entered its "Pre-Open Beta", so the game was open to the public. Pre-Open beta is limited to users in North America, South America and Oceania. The official launch of Combat Arms was the July 11, 2008.

    On August 8, 2008, Nexon Combat Arms announced that it would launch a server NEXON Europe for European players. On September 25, 2008, the Combat Arms Europe website Teaser activated NEXON Europe, and October 28, 2008, NEXON Europe began a closed beta testing period of Combat Arms Europe. Closed beta testing ended November 11, 2008, and the Open Beta started on December 16, 2008 and lasted until January 15, 2009. On April 2, 2009, NEXON America South America announced that the Combat Arms service would be closed from 9 April. Those who had an outstanding amount of NX be allowed to play until Oct. 9, or until they finish their NX, whichever came first. The game is now fully released in Korea and North America; while the European server hosts players from Europe, Middle East and South America (the latter still not officially recognized by Nexon Europe).

    One of its advantages over other games of the same genre is that Combart Arms is renewed regularly as to their content (maps, weapons, missions, characters, avatars and other functional elements for extra points, get shields for clans, etc. ) in addition to being a game of free access, there is a number and variety of highly superior to those found in other games, like Call of Duty or Battlefield players.

     - Modes Game: There are 15 modes in the game, each with different objectives and different characteristics. Often new modes are added with updates.

     Elimination: Players are divided into two teams (Alpha and Bravo) and each try to get a number of enemy deaths (that number is decided before the game started). The minimum is 30 and from 10 to 10 to 140. When a player dies, revives 5 seconds at the base of your computer.

    Elimination Pro: Players are divided into two teams (Alpha and Bravo) and everyone tries to kill all the other team to win a round (the number of rounds is decided before the game started). They may be 5, 7, 9 or 11 rounds. When a player dies, you must wait for the next round (when one of the two teams eliminates the contrary or time is running).

     One Man Army: The goal is to get a certain number of enemy deaths (that number is decided before the game started). Deaths can be 15, 30 or 45. You can only win a single player. When a player dies, revives the 5 seconds anywhere on the map.

     Last Man Standing: All players fight each other without equipment. The goal is to win a certain number of rounds (that number is decided before the game started). They may be 3, 5, 7 or 9 rounds. There can only be one winner. When a player dies, you must wait out the round to revive. will appear anywhere on the map.

    Maps: There are different maps in the game. Often new maps are added with updates (more frequently than new modes).


    Junk Flea: A junkyard full of boxes and drums.
    Death Room: A kind of laboratory with two separated by two doors and a road above rooms.
    Brushwood: A jungle with ousted plane.
    Overdose: A laboratory where quarantine began.
    Vertigo: The roof of a tall building.
    Showdown: A plaza with several houses.
    Dark Forest: A thick forest on a rainy night.
    Piazza: A small town.
    Junk Flea 2: Another design map Junk Flea different and slightly larger.
    Quantum Labs: Another Lunar Design Labs with more gravity map, smaller and with 2 halls on the sides.

     - Medium Maps: 

    Two Towers: A ruined house on a river.
    Pump Jack: A train station.
    Cold Seed: A factory warehouse in the snow.
    Sand Hog: A village in the desert.
    Warhead: An abandoned factory.
    Power Surge: A factory over a dry river.
    Grave Digger: Some with a passage archaeological ruins below.
    RoadKill: A road with circulatory numerous accidents.
    Sector 25: A laboratory where the cure quarantine was created.
    Dredge: A passage in the sewers.
    Costa Recon: A beach with a number of houses destroyed.
    Hallow Ravine: A snow-covered road in the mountains.
    Rural State: A luxury mansion.
    Slaughterhouse: A slaughterhouse.
    Bloodbath Bazaar: The streets of a desert town.
    Death Row: A prison.
    Lunar Labs: A lunar base.

     - Big Maps: 

    Snow Valley: A missile base on a snowy valley.
    Gray Hammer: A fairly large factory.
    Waverider: A village by the sea.
    Rattlesnake: A store in a jungle.
    Shortfuse: An office in a city.
    Kill Creek: A bridge over a river low flow.
    Ghost Town: A ghost town.
    Oil Rig: An oil platform in the sea.
    Neptune: A hangar with a nuclear submarine where there are many doors.
    Battle in the City Center: The downtown streets of a city.
    Red Canyon: A cannon (geographically speaking).
    Water Strider: A river dam.

     - Especial Map 

    Cabin Fever: A country house surrounded by poisonous gas on a rainy night.
    Desert Thunder: A city in the desert controlled by terrorists.
    Black Lung: A mine full of infected.
    Desert Fox: A controlled by terrorist people.
    Nemexis HQ: A business building.
    Nemexis LABS: Some laboratories.
    Infected Ship (originally called Death Water): A boat full of offshore infected.
    Training Mode: Training to learn to use the game controls. You accessed by pressing F1.
    Blood Money: A bank with a safe in the city.

    - Money: Gear Points (GP) or Game Points can also be obtained from the games and are also granted by leveling, ie by rank up. In addition, points of gear are used in the purchase of weapons or accessories store. The cost depends GP weapons and duration of the purchase, ranging from 1 day to 90 days. Players can also purchase equipment from the Black Market (also known as Nexon Cash Shop) with points that are purchased with real world money. NEXON GameCards come in 10 $ (10,000 NX) and 25 $ (25,000 NX). ($ 12 for 10,000 NX and $ 30 for 25,000 NX in Canada) First, the team has different teams Black Market store regular items. Camouflage, new characters, and modifications or additions to arms are also available for purchase. Besides this, there are elements in the game that are completely unique to NX users. The weapons are usually bought at the newspaper shop using Gear Points (GP). Some weapons have ranked restrictions (ranks come from the US Army, apprenticed to General of the Army). When the player starts the game, you give GP 2000, and each gives a range of up to 500 successive GP more, from 1000 when GP standings to hire. The higher the rank of the player, more weapons and equipment can buy, In Mexico sold $ 150 NX 12,000 pesos and 20,000 pesos $ 250 NX

    - Patchs: NEXON gives weekly maintenance content patches, and sometimes the emergency patches, to fix any errors and / or piracy problem. Servers generally fall two to seven hours to update patches.

     - Running on GNU / Linux systems: Combat Arms operation in the GNU / Linux operating systems using emulation software Wine is null, as opening both the executable "CombatArms.exe" as "Engine.exe" mistakes that are exposed as "An generated Whit the error has occurred hack prevention function. (Error Code = 108. The program is shutting down. "and" Could not find Combat Arms installation files "

     - Hackers: Being immortal, fly, move at high speed, jump over long distances, through walls or delete players without leaving the site, among others, they are used by hackers hacks game. These hacks are illegal because they prevent the development of the game, besides that hurts players. You might take a hacker a game by pressing F5 and selecting the player hacker, but that the other players must vote if they want to take the hacker (F5) or not (F6). Some also mani[CENSORED]tes the game files for health or speed scrum use of weapons or anything else added. This is not really a hack, but a modification of the game files (known as mod), although all illegal ways and therefore grounds for expulsion.

    In 2012, a very high rate is presented in the participation of hackers in this game, it is impossible to remove them from the rooms thanks to a new version of hacks that allow immune to attempts to expulsion. The game has been highly criticized by this factor. It is common hacks are in the game.

     - False Accusations Of Hackers: A lucky opposing head shot (often through a peephole), a murder in the back with a knife or other things like these can cause confusion about whether the player is a hacker or not. On numerous occasions in these cases players are accused hacker and check them in the game, being actually innocent.

     - Bugs: Sometimes a player dies without anyone kill him, just die, as if falling from a high altitude. These errors are called bugs and can be reported in the section Report a bug.

     - Lag: When a server is very saturated with players, an effect known as lag occurs. The lag causes the image function jumps or has cuts due to failure in the timing of all players on the server. When this happens, it is advisable to go to servers or more empty channels. The level of players on a server or channel is displayed following four options: Low, Moderate, Busy or Full . O signal depending on use.

     - Review: Combat Arms has been criticized for his supposed weakness of the measures to combat the trap. Nexon recently added an abuse of the system allowing players to report cases of harassment or deception. Also, users can make a screenshot of the "stalker" and display it on the official forum, with the same objective. Combat Arms is a game with many problems blocking or even cheating own players.





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