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Who want to be a IT specialists check this topic.


Our ts3 server now online.

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  • Wassim 

    f you do not have pictures of the product you want to change the subject will be archived and closed.
    If you do not want intermediate directly responsible if you took "sliver".
    If not post a way to contact the subject will be archived and closed.
    Topics to idle more than 3 days will be closed by SM / moderators section.
    Failure to warn the model will be penalized.
    Fields with a * must be filled out !!


      EXCHANGE steam account

    EXCHANGE 'X' with 'Y'


    * Name on the forum:


    * Product that change:

    * Your Product description:

    * Other specifications:

    * Proof product (ss):

    * Product / Amount that / wants in exchange:

    Product description :

    *Want intermediary? :

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